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VELTIA Hand Dryer

Veltia Hand Dryer was developed in Spain by Veltek Systems, it is the only product they manufacture which translates to a laser focus on quality.

Veltia is distributed throughout Europe, S. Africa, Morocco, Venezuela, Mexico and is now coming to the United States and Canada through Veltus Corporation.

Veltia is a unique, innovative hand dryer that feels good, dries quickly, saves money, is eco-friendly, sanitary, has colors for design and a natural odor eliminator. It is the only hand dryer in the world with all of these features and realistic price.

Veltia Hand Dryer is an excellent choice for hand drying. Veltia Hand Dryer is effective, eco-friendly, hygienic and beautiful. The cost savings for several locations, compared to paper towels is in the tens of thousands of dollars per year. Veltia Hand Dryer price is low investment with return in less than 11 months

VELTIA Hand Dryer
Unique Features

It works! Veltia dries your hands in just 10 to 15 seconds. And no more annoying.out of paper towels scenario for the customer or the employees/owners.

Veltia is a great deal better for the environment than paper towels and uses on average 78% less energy than traditional hand dryers because of the faster drying time and no heating element. For more energy savings, there are sensors that start and stop the motor as hands are inserted and removed. For additional energy savings, it automatically stops after 25 seconds of continuous operation. Veltia is the most eco-friendly hand dryer available.

300 nozzles of air feel like a soft massage while it dries your hands. And because the air is not heated, there is no burning of the hands or over drying of the skin. It is also quieter than traditional hand dryers and the sound is located at the waist, not by the ears.

Odor Elimination:
ZeroSmell Gel is an all natural and effective air freshener that bio-chemically eliminates odors from the air by reacting with selected odor causing molecules from the air such as: Sulfur, Nitrogen, organic compounds that are found in restrooms and are considered unpleasant to our senses. This is a good feature for the end users as well as the distributor because they have a re-sellable item.

VELTIA´S attractive look as well as its wide variety of finishes (12 colors) will allow designers to match the decor. Additionally, we can customize colors.

On top of the power consumption reduction, when comparing VELTIA price with paper towels cost, for a small business, an average of $1,500/year is saved when paper towels are taken off the supply list--much more for a larger volume of users. There is further savings in labor since there is no filling and servicing of towel dispensers and clean up of the waste on the floor and trash receptacles (which reduced the amount of trash liners used also). Dont underestimate the benefit of the elimination of storage space for the cases of paper towels; this is an important point for both restaurants and convenience stores especially.

Safety and Hygiene:
For hygienic purposes, Veltia is automatic (non touch) and operates on high speed air jets rather than relying on hot air. Heat collects bacteria. Also, water is collected inside the hand dryer, keeping the floors cleaner and eliminates the risk of slipping. This new generation hand dryer is the most hygienic hand drying system on the market. It also has an antibacterial agent throughout the plastic where hands are inserted and water is collected. We will be using Microban starting May 2008. Vandal-resistant as well.


Veltia Hand Dryer will be exibiting at International Restaurant & Foodservice Show, Feb 27- March 1 2011 Jacob K. Javits Convention Center New York

Online Price $ 1,075.00 plus $ 35.00 shipping

For large quantity price quote please call us at 718 710 0498 or follow the link to send us an e-mail.

For more information click here

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