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MAVEA High Quality Water Filter Products


MAVEA is a subsidiary of a leading German Water Filtration company launching their products in US. The production of MAVEA Filters takes place in Taunusstein, Germany.

Drinking water in the USA meets the highest quality requirements. Yet, even water of the highest quality can, depending on regional variations, contain a high level of carbonate hardness. The results are predictable: lime scale deposits on important machine parts, increased service and operating costs, machine down-time and disappointed customers lost sales!

The optimum technology for your requirements: Our filter systems supply water with properties which are always uniform and precisely defined. In order to adjust the result to your exact requirements, professional water analysis is advisable to ascertain which water filter should be used. With our specially developed test kit, we can determine the properties of the water on site and with our wide product range, comprehensive know-how and fast, professional service ensure that you have the best water for the finest meals and baked goods.

Why filter?
Coffee and hard water don't go together well. Hard water does not enhance coffee. It not only causes scale build up on heating elements, but also restricts the coffee brewing process - affecting the overall flavor of your cup of coffee.

Why use a MAVEA cartridge?
The MAVEA cartridge reduces the limescale that can leave scaly deposits in your espresso machine, and scum on the top of hot drinks. The cartridge also reduces chlorine and substances that affect smell and taste. The result is a natural coffee aroma and smooth creamy appearance.

Water with reduced limescale will be kinder to your appliance
Using MAVEA filtered water in your machine will increase its lifetime by reducing the build up of limescale deposits, which can damage water heating equipment.

Best solution for Coffee Machines

Coffee a success story with a future: Espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato - the brown bean business is booming.

Coffee bars and shops are encouraging coffee consumption out of the home, and the enjoyment of coffee is increasing. These days, the classic breakfast coffee is accompanied by completely new creations. And this is exactly what customers are looking for: more variety and service, perfect preparation and top quality.

The demands are high: optimum aroma and flavor, stable crema, and correct quantities of flavoring additives - an experience for all the senses.

The preparation of drinks of this quantity is dependent on water quality. All coffee specialties contain almost 98% water regardless of how different they may seem!

Moreover, water quality affects the aroma, flavor and appearance of both hot and cold drinks. To make good coffee, you need water which is rich in minerals. However, hard water reduces the development of the typical aroma.

MAVEA filtered water has consistent and precise properties. For the preparation of coffee, this means that carbonate hardness is carefully reduced, whilst all minerals necessary for flavor development are retained. This gives you peace of mind that you have done everything possible to achieve optimum quality and with maximum success levels.

Professional Products for Food Service Industry



Use with:
Coffee Machines, Vending Machines, Combi steamers and Conventional ovens

MAVEAs PURITY C Quell ST filter cartridges have been specially developed for use in the catering, vending and coffee sector to reduce the carbonate hardness in drinking water, thus avoiding scale deposits in the upstream appliance. The PURITY filter removes heavy metal ions such as lead and copper. Whilst also reducing cloudiness, organic impurities and chlorine that impair the quality and taste of the filtrate including the by-pass water. Typical applications for the PURITY C filter cartridges are coffee and espresso machines, hot and cold water automats as well as combi steamer and conventional ovens.

Technical data:

PURITY C300 Quell ST
(W/D/H): 122,5/120/475,5 mm
PURITY C150 Quell ST
(W/D/H): 115/105/421 mm
(W/D/H): 115/105/265 mm

Max. operating pressure: 8,6 bar
Operating temperature: 4 - 30 C
Operating position: vertical, horizontal and overhead



Use with:
Coffee Machines, Vending Machines, Combi steamers and Conventional ovens

A single customized filter medium targets ions in the crude water that cause lime scale build-up. The result?
Partial demineralised water for use in areas where carbonate hardness levels may be considered too high and the added mineral content in the water is not considered critical.

Technical data:
The filter systems are available in 3 different filter systems sizes/capacities.

Installed dimensions (horizontally):

PURITY Quell ST 450
(W/D/H) in mm: 255 x 312 x 458
Operating pressure: 29 - max 100 psi
Operating temperature: 39F - 86F

PURITY Quell ST 600
(W/D/H) in mm: 255 x 312 x 570
Operating pressure: 29 - max 100 psi
Operating temperature: 39F - 86F

PURITY Quell ST 1200
(W/D/H) in mm: 294 x 355 x 600
Operating pressure: 29 - max 100 psi
Operating temperature: 39F - 86F

For pricing please call us at 718 710 0498 or follow the link to send us an e-mail.

For more information click here

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